• The red circles on the underside of the power terminals are produced from our exclusive combination of 'Ion and Infrared' molecule technology. These therapies have individually existed and benefited people around the world for hundreds of years.

  • The basic principles of Ion and Infrared Technology, is the human body reacts favorably when exposed to these naturally made molecules. Studies have proven that the human bodies blood cells experience an increased flow of oxygen when Ion and Infrared molecules are present.

  • As a result, many people experience a WIDE VARIETY of health benefits. Customers have reported such benefits from having 'better balance' to 'decreased muscle and joint pain'.

  • Click on the iPower logo above for more information and benifits about the product.

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Covid - 19 Store procedures and changes:

- Watch battery changes are drop-off ONLY.

- Only a Maximum of 2 Customers/Family in the store

- Ear piercing service is NOT AVAILABLE. 

- Jewelry Viewings are by Appointments only

- Please consider booking an appointment over walk-ins to ensure service

- We may refuse to serve you if you arrive without an appointment!