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We are proud to offer on-site jewellery and watch services. Our Master goldsmith has more than 45 years of experience in jewellery repair and making. Both of our goldsmiths are skilled and detailed oriented and are well equipped to service your jewellery. Visit us and mention our website for a complimentary jewellery inspection and cleaning!


We have two on-site goldsmiths so that your jewellery do not have to leave the city! We can repair both silver and gold jewelry. Here are some of the main services we provide:

 - Chain repair and shortening

 - Pendant loop repairs and build up

 - Ring repair and sizing

 - Setting of stones and tipping claws

 - Soldering and unsoldering rings

 - Rhodium plating

For anything not listed please contact us, as we can do most repairs. For pricing please call or use the quote button as it may vary between items.

Jewelry Maker's Table
Jewelry Making


     We guarantee the quality and workmanship of our pieces. We offer CAD rendering which allows you see and approve of your design before it's made.

     We are able to remake newer replicas of your existing item so that you can re-live the moment from when you first received it. 

     We can break down your old jewellery and use the gold and gems to create something new. That way you can always keep the memories with you.

     If you want to bring your creations to reality we can provide that service as well. We will craft your design using high quality materials. 

If you don't have a design, we will help you!


     We offer battery changes on most types of watches. Watch sizing services are typically done while you wait. We can replace leather, expansion, and metal straps. 

     For more intricate and invasive watch services such as movement changes, cleaning and servicing, we may leave your watch with our local watchmaker. 



We offer servicing and parts for mantle, wall, cuckoo, anniversary, quarts and grandfather clocks. Most clocks will be done on site. We do house calls for grandfather clocks. *Due to pandemic we have postponed doing house calls for grandfather clocks. Thank you for your understanding*

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